Vickers Chambless Managed Search

Vickers Chambless Managed Search provides executive search and interim staffing services exclusively in Healthcare Financial Management.

Employee selection is a skill - one which is often the single most influential determinant of a manager's ultimate level of career advancement.

Healthcare Executives also tell us their current job satisfaction is closely tied to hiring the right people.

We can help if you are recruiting a

  • Healthcare CFO
  • Someone who reports to a Healthcare CFO
  • Someone who MANAGES PEOPLE in a department that reports to a Healthcare CFO
  • Someone who consults to a Healthcare CFO

Our Nationwide Clients include:

  • Not-for-Profit Multi-Hospital Systems
  • Consultancies
  • Big 4 Public Accounting firms
  • National & Regional CPA firms
  • Investor-Owned Hospital chains
  • Freestanding Hospitals
  • Sole Community Providers
  • Physician Practice Management companies<

We work only in our niche all over the USA

  • We can help you with full time regular positions
  • We can help you with contract professionals, interim managers, and project leaders.
  • Anywhere in the USA.

At VCMS, the purpose of our business is to help you recruit, interview, evaluate, and hire employees who succeed.

Get a commitment from a competent recruiter you trust.”

Vickers Chambless

Vickers Chambless

Vickers Chambless established the executive search firm that bears his name on July 1, 1992. In keeping with his previous experience, the firm works exclusively in the Healthcare Financial Management arena.

Mr. Chambless has worked in healthcare since 1981, been an executive search consultant since 1986, and HFMA member since 1987.

Ted Gaillard
Director Of Recruiting

Mr. Gaillard works nationwide with our healthcare clients helping them attract and hire senior level financial executives. He specializes in senior level Revenue Cycle recruiting and performs all the firm’s Patient Access searches. His business management background provides expertise in recognizing the technical skills that clients seek, along with a strong sense of cultural and mission compatibility. Prior to joining Vickers Chambless Managed Search, Mr. Gaillard was a Business Management Executive with two Fortune 500 companies.

Som Landon

Som Landon
Director of Recruiting

Mr. Landon has 10 years of recruiting and 8 years of management experience. His expertise is in nationwide executive healthcare placements in audit, accounting, finance, and revenue cycle for hospitals, hospices, consulting firms, medical groups, and physician practice management companies.

He appreciates that success is expressed by a job well done, both on the client and candidate side. He identifies that part of the journey is about discovering the right leader to take an organization from where it is to where it wants to be. Understandably, the fit needs to be as close-to-perfect as possible. Finding someone who can do the job is different from finding the person who should do the job. Mr. Landon understands the difference and knows that building and maintaining relationships and having consistent communication is key.

Mr. Landon has an undergraduate and an MBA in Finance from Ole Miss.