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We have helped many, many people obtain the next step up in their career ladder. We strive to offer you more of what you’re looking for - specific career enhancing opportunities.

We don't believe in telling you what you ought to do with your career or your life -- that's your decision. What we can do is provide you with feedback on your ambition, national trends, changes in the marketplace and expose you to possibilities all over the country.

Working exclusively in healthcare finance gives VCMS one enormous advantage. It enabled us to become market experts. That helps us understand you. We are working in your environment every day. You'll spend little time explaining the healthcare environment and more time describing your situation.

Because we work all over the country, we can offer you a perspective on how your situation is affected by local, regional or national trends and circumstances. We can provide you with a reasonableness check on your compensation and career goals.

If there is no immediate match for you, we are not going to try to talk you into something. We get to know you; let you get to know us. When a position matches you, together we'll pursue it. Until then we'll stay in touch.

Always, the confidentiality of your search is our highest concern. Our responsibility is to enhance your career, not to jeopardize your current position.

You can Entrust your confidential search to us

Corporate Vice President Revenue Cycle


Nashville, TN


Could you be the next Corporate Vice President of Revenue Cycle for a growing multi-site, multi-state Behavioral Health provider? This is a young growing company that is looking for the right hands-on leader to direct their Central Billing Office of 18 FTE's in Nashville. The ideal candidate will know Behavioral Health, be an experienced trainer of people and developer of managers, very good on the systems side, able to create a vision for the team, set goals and standards, drive measurable results, and of course communicate with all levels of management. An experienced Revenue Cycle pro will find many easy ways to plug the holes and win big! It is a fun, dynamic place with ready access to Senior Leadership for quick action on approving resources necessary for their growth.

Leader & Manager - Revenue Cycle Consulting

$90 - 135,000+

Travel from Your Home Town


Can you direct engagements and manage those who are responsible for specific initiatives within Revenue Cycle engagements, and present deliverables to demanding clients? This rapidly growing Hospital Consulting Firm is led by former Big 5 partners who felt they could build a better corporate culture and derive better outcomes at lower rates for multi-hospital clients. Their clients have told us that this firm is growing rapidly simply because of their very high quality results. If you think you have what it takes to be a Revenue Cycle Management Consultant in Patient Access, Patient Accounting operations, denials management, and related areas, then look into this opportunity.

Self-Directed Team-Building Corporate AVP Financial Operations


Nashville, TN


We are searching for a self-starter and team builder with excellent people skills, good technical skills, and Behavioral Healthcare Finance experience to lead an enthusiastic department for a growing dynamic multi- hospital system. Lead a team and enjoy a large variety of projects at both the corporate and facility levels including Net Revenue and other projections. This AVP is vital to the organization, is the go-to finance person and the corporate setting is as good as it gets!

Poised Clinical Documentation Consultant - to be a leader




Consistently rated by Fortune as the best place for healthcare consultants to work among the USA's top Consultancies. There is huge career advancement opportunity because of their growth and successful incorporation of advanced Revenue Integrity and CDI IT solutions. In every engagement these solutions use predictive analytics and more recently machine learning to automate Revenue increasingly advanced ways.

Charge Capture Consulting Manager

$90 - 135,000



A large consulting firm seeks a coding expert to lead their charge capture engagements in the mid-Atlantic Region. We are looking for someone who knows coding, the CDM, revenue strategy, and the denials management & appeals process. The more consulting experience and engagement management experience the better, but don't let inexperience keep you from inquiring about this opportunity.

People-oriented Reimbursement Consulting Manager


Atlanta, GA


A prominent well-established CPA firm is looking for a Reimbursement Consulting Manager. This is an opportunity to lead a group of less experienced consultants, develop their technical proficiency, and to be groomed to be the practice leader yourself. The current Reimbursement practice leader has been awarded with expanded client responsibilities and that can be a golden opportunity for you to learn and grow and meet your career goals. A perfect position for someone who enjoys both the technical side of Reimbursement consulting along with client interaction.

Contract & Interim Positions

Interim and Project Management opportunities are usually urgent needs and positions are often filled very quickly. We would like to hear about your background and availability.

We have been able to provide interim assignments for CFOs, Controllers, Accounting Managers, Directors of PFS, Patient Accounting, HIM, Revenue Integrity, ChargeMaster, and more

If it is time for you to begin thinking about your next project, your next engagement may be waiting for you thru vcmsSearch. Please contact us with the information below. We will listen to what you want to do. If we don’t have a current project that matches your interests right now, remember that client needs change quickly:

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Interview Preparation

If you slow down enough to think about it, doing a good job and acquiring a good job are two entirely different sets of skills.

Of course, somewhere in your career you've known less competent peers who were better paid. This probably happened because they displayed better interviewing skills. In a few minutes of conversation they earned thousands of dollars in future compensation.

At VCMS we will never coach you to inflate your capabilities. We will work with you to help you accurately articulate your technical competency, your levels of exposure, your responsibilities and your achievements. Honing these infrequently used techniques will give you the best chance of acquiring the job that enhances your career.

  • How to Write Your Resume
  • How to Prepare for a Telephone Interview
  • How to Prepare for an In-Person Interview
  • How to “Tell me about yourself?”
  • How to Resign

John Thomas from Jacksonville, FL says,

“Mr. Chambless, thanks for providing the prep material. If I had this months ago my job search would be over.”

You can Entrust your confidential search to us