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Confident Revenue Integrity ED Project Contractor - could become full time




This is an innovative consulting firm with a couple of differentiators: They insist upon an experienced Revenue Integrity professional who wants to craft the best solution for the client; no need to follow a predetermined protocol that doesn't quite fit. That gives someone with a passion for excellence a chance to use their own ideas to make things work best for the client. Work with other smart consultants and no selling involved.

Poised Charge Capture Consulting Manager - to be a leader




Consistently rated by Fortune as the best place for healthcare consultants to work among the USA's top 10 CPA firms. There is huge career advancement opportunity because of their growth and successful incorporation of advanced Revenue Integrity IT solutions. In every engagement these solutions use predictive analytics and more recently machine learning to automate Revenue increasingly advanced ways.

Data Savvy Denials Resolution Consultant - to lead engagements




Recently voted as one of the best firms for consultants to work for, you would be influential with over 400 hospital clients and lead them into a new era of Denials Management with the best software tool in the specialty. Collaborate with other deep Subject Matter Experts and incorporate new techniques into your knowledge base while making a big difference for lots of clients. All in a very fast growing firm.

Clinically Knowledgeable Charge Capture Sr. Consultant


Your home town


A prestigious nationwide consulting firm seeks a coding expert to contribute in charge capture engagements. We are looking for someone who knows hospital coding - especially in the ED, the CDM, and revenue strategy processes. The more consulting experience the better, but don't let consulting inexperience keep you from inquiring about this opportunity.

Vibrant Pre-Arrival Service Center Manager


Savannah, GA


A growing dynamic 2 hospital system in Savannah is looking for a leader-of-people to invigorate a Pre-Arrival Service Center. You could live in a beautiful, historic Southern city filled with charm, culture, attractive beaches, and nearby resorts. Bring together 30+ people from different groups into a genuine team doing Insurance Verification, Pre-authorization & Pre-certification, Pre-registration, and Scheduling. You'd have great boss, a stable leadership team, and a wonderful place to live. This could be the Sunbelt opportunity that you have been looking for!

Growth-Oriented Sr. Reimbursement Analyst




A large, complex hospital is looking for a developing professional who wants to grow their career and Reimbursement skills as the organization grows. You would have a great boss who is a wonderful mentor with an extremely successful track record for developing talent, and a very fertile environment in which to develop your career. Be responsible for supporting all reimbursement activities including GME. Wonderful area amenities and an easy commute from many beach communities.

Multi-hospital Director Chief Staffing Officer - with Executive Presence




This large not-for-profit multi hospital system is looking for a visionary executive who can establish a future oriented, data savvy Labor Management Program across all hospitals and all classes of employees. We are looking for someone with the executive presence to lead the system confidently into the future of Labor Management while maintaining their high quality of patient care. This is a rare chance to build something special at a large, well-managed provider with a great reputation in a location that virtually everyone says is a wonderful place to live.

Dynamic Revenue Integrity Director - to keep a good thing going




A large hospital system is looking for an experienced, hands on Revenue Integrity Executive to lead all their Revenue Cycle's Revenue Integrity initiatives. The ideal person would be able to look at anything - workflow, process improvement, ChargeMaster, denials management, contracts, charge capture, edits, system implementation or any IT system issues. Supervise staff of 15 in a beautiful city with lots and lots of cultural attractions.

Influential Decision Support Director - to develop others


Washington, DC


CFO is looking for a right hand. If you are a people-oriented, out-comes driven, tech savvy, data analytics professional with Management experience in Decision Support, then this position can propel you into an exciting future in a very exciting market as the most vital person on the CFO's team. While much of the role is certainly keeping a good thing going, there are efforts you will lead to advance all aspects of Decision Support.

Visionary ChargeMaster Sr. Analyst - to lead consolidations


New Jersey


An expanding hospital system is looking for an experienced ChargeMaster Executive to guide their 3 newly acquired hospital's ChargeMasters into a single consolidated format. The ideal person would have responsibility for the entire process - crosswalks, workflow, process improvement, contracts, current & future charge capture processes, and any system issues. Perfect for an experienced consultant who is ready to get off the road.

Denials Management SME - to help others




This is a great opportunity to teach. Do you know enough about Denials Management to teach what you know to up and coming co-workers? Have you worked with denials software enough to have a realistic vision of what denials software can do? Have you used SQL to see how predictive analytics can help prioritize resolution efforts? Would you like to share what you know with others?

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