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Fast-Paced Charge Capture Consultant - no need to relocate

$90 - 150,000

anywhere USA


Quickly advance your career by making yourself more valuable. Join a team of certified coders who have combined their charge capture skills with this firm's innovative processes and advanced applied technology. Improve your quality of life with extraordinary employee-friendly travel perks. It is no surprised that Fortune recently recognized this company as one of the top 10 best places to work for consultants.

Prominent Reimbursement Sr. Analyst - grow as system grows


South Carolina


A multi-hospital system is looking for a developing professional who wants to grow their career and Reimbursement skills as the organization grows. You would have a great boss who is a wonderful mentor with an extremely successful track record for developing talent, and a very fertile environment in which to develop your career. Be responsible for contributing in all reimbursement and net revenue activities in a family friendly town very close to the beach and other recreation.

Dynamic Revenue Integrity Director - to keep a good thing going




A large hospital system is looking for an experienced, hands on Revenue Integrity Executive to lead all their Revenue Cycle's Revenue Integrity initiatives. The ideal person would be able to look at anything - workflow, process improvement, ChargeMaster, denials management, contracts, charge capture, edits, system implementation or any IT system issues. Supervise staff of 15 in a beautiful city with lots and lots of cultural attractions.

Data Savvy Denials Resolution Consultant

$100,000 - $115,000

Chicago or Indianapolis


Recently voted as one of the best firms for consultants to work for, you would be influential in over 400 hospital clients and lead them into a new era of Denials Management with the best software tools in the specialty. Collaborate with other deep Subject Matter Experts and incorporate new techniques into your knowledge base while making a big difference for lots of clients. All in a very fast growing firm.

Vital Director of Accounting and Finance - to lead a great team


Central Florida


Use your versatility; grow your career and your breadth of experience while managing 6 professionals in every area of hospital financial operations. Be the technical accounting resource while leading in both day to day responsibilities and several special initiatives designed to take the system into the future. All of this is very close to Central Florida's year round attractions and lower cost of living.

Ambitious growth-oriented Sr. Contract Analyst - who wants to grow a career




Be mentored by an easy going, contracting savvy boss who just needs help from someone who has a desire to build a career on their contracting and analytics experience. This is a very fast growing not-for-profit hospital system in a beautiful safe city. Clearly a place to develop your skills, show what you can do, and build a future for yourself and your family.

Influential Decision Support Director - to develop others


Washington, DC


CFO is looking for a right hand. If you are a people-oriented, out-comes driven, tech savvy, data analytics professional with Management experience in Decision Support, then this position can propel you into an exciting future in a very exciting market as the most vital person on the CFO's team. While much of the role is certainly keeping a good thing going, there are efforts you will lead to advance all aspects of Decision Support.

Vital, Leading Revenue Integrity Director - to move department into the future


Central Florida


In an encouraging and satisfying professional atmosphere take the initiative to bring your department of six into more compliant and consistent charge capture, ChargeMaster, charge audit, and all aspects of Revenue Integrity. This is the most senior Revenue Integrity Executive in a multi-hospital system located near Orlando with Theme Parks, a variety of Restaurants, Nightlife & Entertainment, Shopping, Golf, Live Music, Theater, Galleries, Museums, different Sporting & Outdoor events, Eco-tours, Natural Springs, Kayaking, Parks, Spas, and more. All with year round sunshine and no state income tax.

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